Buyer Help

You can use any of the following methods to lodge a complaint:

.You can use OEMIndia complaint form to lodge complaints and trade related disputes

You can submit your queries at . Or mail to

For complaints regarding supplier information irrelevant to the searched product, write as at....

OEMIndia gives utmost significance and attention towards the privacy and protection of Personal Information of customers

We use 256-bit encryption on our site and platforms in order to cater uncompromised safety and privacy to our customers

All the transactions on OEMIndia are secured by State-Of-Art technology

We do not share the information and details related to our customers, with any other agency or persons.

OEMIndia is an online market platform which bridges buyers and sellers on an arena. OEMIndia NEITHER TAKES PART IN NEGOTIATIONS NOR TRANSACTIONS that happen between buyer and sellers

Oemindia is not Accountable or Responsible for any Fradulent Transactions/Exchanges.

In the event of complaint against any supplier, OEMIndia takes stringent action only after running a thorough check.

We recommend buyers to buy mostly from suppliers with TrustSEAL.

Any complaints can be made at OEMIndia complaint form.

To manage or edit your posted requirements,follow these steps:
Go to Buyer Dashboard.

In the Buyers’ tools section.under management requirements tab,you will be able to see all your posted requirements there

You can add further details by clicking “Add more details”

If you want to delete any requirement,select the requirement and delete it

Log onto your registered OEMIndia account

Enter the name and specifications of the product you wish to buy.

Click on GET QUOTES from the Seller Button

By visiting and entering the product/service name in search box

You can enter the name of the city or choose the preferred city from the cities list

Buyers can share their opinions/suggestions/feedback on feedback mails sent by the OEMINDIA team

Buyers can also share their experience/views/concerns at..

Never share your OEMIndia OTP with any person,even if the person claims to be an employee of OEMIndia

Never share your OEMINDIA password with anyone,even if the person claims to be an official/employee of OEMIndia

Never forward the OEMIndia mails to anyone,even if the OEMIndia employees ask to do so

We send our emails to all the customers from one address I.e. ….....

OEMIndia never organizes any lotteries nor gives away any gifts. ALL THE CALLS CLAIMING SO ARE FRAUDULENT.

Always insist for explicit and exact terms and conditions(in writing) of the deal/exchange/sale/transaction with Supplier (name of the product/price/delivery date etc.).

Watch out for unrealistic offers, they are fraudulent.

Always insist on paying suppliers Via PWIM

Cross check the city of IFSCcode provided and the city mentioned by the supplier.Kindly check the account details of supplier mentioned on OEMIndia website

Never try to contact suppliers on whatsapp calls

Never meet suppliers in person at unknown and unsafe locations.

Always communicate with the suppliers via the numbers they provided on OEMIndia website.Never call or text to unknown numbers

Always insist for explicit and exact terms and conditions(in writing) of the deal/exchange/sale/transaction with the buyer (name of the product/price/delivery date etc.)

Never click on UPI links sent by the person,even if the person claims to be buyer

Always insist on receiving payments from buyers via PWIM

Always mind that scanning a QR code and entering UPI pin means making a payment but not receiving one